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    Ladies, do you have an orgasm (or fake it) at the end of every show? When I first started modeling, I thought I had to. I thought I had to at least fake it if I didn’t really have an orgasm, but these days I don’t always end the show with a fake/real climax.



    I definitely don’t have a real orgasm at the end of every show, but I do fake it a lot. For the most part, I think clients expect that. Plus, I’ve found it’s easier to just fake it than to try and explain why I didn’t have an orgasm. Clients don’t realize how many shows we put on everyday, so they tend to ask questions if the show doesn’t end in climax.



    I don’t have an orgasm every time, so I have become a professional faker! 😀 Like whateverUwant said, faking it is a lot better than having to explain it.



    I rarely ever have a real orgasm on camera, as the idea of being watched doesn’t particularly turn me on. (I’m not really even crazy about my husband watching me masturbate, truth be told.) However, I know the guys love it when they think they’re watching a girl climax, so I make it a point to fake it after about 10 or 15 minutes of play.



    I don’t have an orgasm every time I put on a show, but I do sometimes, especially if I take a break from shows for two or three days. When I don’t have a real one though, I do fake it. Seems to please the clients more and keeps them coming back.



    I don’t have an orgasm every single time that I am on camera, but my clients usually think that I do. It seems to keep them coming back if they at least think that I did. 🙂



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