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    Have you noticed any changes in real life since you started to work as a webcam model? I like to think I’m the same person although some of my friends told me I have changed a bit and not in the good way.


    I’ve been a webcam model for six months now and have never felt better about myself in my life. One of my friends told me i was more sexual, but she didn’t mean it like i was perverted, she meant it like i was more confident and unafraid to say what i feel or make a pass at someone, haha. Make sure your friends aren’t just trying to make you feel bad because they don’t understand what being a camgirl really is, that you’re not a prostitute or a sex trafficker haha. Also take into consideration that maybe you are a little different. Like i said, i def got more confident, i hardly ever think of what strangers think of me, i feel more free, i have more money so i’m a lot less stressed out than i ever was.
    This job could potentially change someone for the worse, too. Confidence and arrogance are two different animals. If that’s an issue make sure you aren’t walking around like king dick just because internet pervs wanna bang you lol. It could also be bad for your psyche if you yourself FEEL like you’re doing something wrong. I know a lot of girls who had to quit because they couldn’t handle the way the sexual nature of the job made them feel. They spent a lot of time being stressed out, nervous, guilty, and worried about other people finding out that they were camgirls.
    Basically dude, if your friends are telling you you’re being an ass hole, you just might be acting like one; if they’re misunderstanding the new confident you, or the new uninhibited you, or whatever you want to call the girl who has no shame where shame isn’t due, tell them what’s up. good luck (:


    I know exactly how you feel Kyle. Most of co-workers are female and like the romance genre which I do not. How do you discuss a really good fantasy read about other worlds with them???


    Just spit it out… Streaming live as a webcam model is not only a great experience, the money is fabulous! No one should ever feel bad about being a cam model. It is a profession and the amount of information any cam model wants to share, that is entirely at their discretion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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