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    Have you ever heard of the “Clone-A-Willy” kit? Some of them even come in flavors, like chocolate, allowing your closest male companion to clone his “willy” into a flavored treat. Well, my hubby has to go out of town for a couple of weeks starting Monday, so I thought I might buy one of these kits and make a few clones to “enjoy” during what are going to be solo shows for the next 2 weeks. (Also thought the clients might enjoy seeing something a bit different.) If you’re familiar with the kits, have you ever used them? Do they really work or is it just a waste of money?



    I’ve seen a demonstration on YouTube, it shows you how to make a replica of a cucumber (for obvious reasons). It sure looks like a great replacement. Tell us how everything went, I’m curious about this now.



    I’ve heard of the kits but I’ve never used one before. I wonder if it would be painful for the guy having his penis cloned. Wouldn’t you have to heat up whatever material you’re using enough to make it melt, then pour it on and let it set until it hardens? Wouldn’t that me kind of painful?



    I have never used one, but I think it sounds like a cool idea and that your clients will probably love it. If you end up getting one let us know how it turns out!



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    If it’s made out of chocolate, I think it would melt before I had a chance to have any fun with it! I would rather have more fun with something like that when my mate was there. Then, he could lick the chocolate off.



    And I think were waiting on the Ported HEad kits from ADA, ADA is in the process of making their kits ported. Im not sure about this but I think the non-ported kits are already available from ADA, so I think were waiting on ported ones. DONT

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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