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    It would be most interesting if clients of webcam models would share their thoughts on a few subjects. You can read the subjects, reply to one or as many as you like, or reply to none. Just trying to get feedback to help out the hard working webcam models with WaveSide Entertainment.

    When you log into a models room when they are streaming live, what makes you decide to stay or go.

    What do you want from a webcam model, when you log into their room – hello or nothing.

    Do you prefer cam models address you by your client name or something else.

    We welcome your feedback. Webcam models aim to please, to keep you coming back.


    Not right about what?


    whenever I’m in client mode, I prefer if the girl calls me by my name, none of this hun, baby or sweartheart stuff


    If you are talking about comments from JCrown, you need to send her a message about this. There is no way for her to know you are offended by this unless you tell her this directly. Am sure she will not have a problem with your request as she respects all models.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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