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    I broadcast a show yesterday and had a client that REALLY got on my nerves, so I just wanted to rant about it for a minute and see if anyone else has had similar issues… I couldn’t believe this, but I actually had a client nit-picking me about the fact that my curtains aren’t color-coordinated with my bedding. Really?! Really?! You’re paying me by the minute and you want to talk about how the curtains don’t match the bedding?? I don’t want to sound conceited or self-absorbed but I didn’t get into this to have clients critique my curtains!!

    Oh, and that’s not a metaphor… I’m speaking quite LITERALLY.

    Do any of your clients waste time making issues where there shouldn’t be any?



    Errrr, wow! He sounds like a real oddball, but if someone wanted to get into home decor tips I think I’d see how long I could keep them at it! At least you’d get a break from real work for a while!



    Ha ha, bellisimo makes a great point! Since he’s paying by the minute, you should play it like you don’t know how to decorate your house and get him off on some hour-long rant about coordinating curtains with bedding and rugs with photos and whatnot. 😉



    Um, what?! This is so crazy, I’ve never experienced anything like this but I love the ladies’ responses! Girl he’s paying YOU to dole out decorating tips so while he’s at it, bust out the paint swatches and get some free advice!! ;]

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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