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    I see all of these ads on the sides here, and I just have to ask can you really make $2000 a week as a webcam model? I mean I know that some of it depends on you: how much you work, what hours you work, how good you are etc., but can you really make that much?



    If you can take the long hours and work hard, yes, you could make even more. It depends on how much you are willing to show, how many “shows” you put in a day, how fit you look etc. Summing up, yes, it is possible to earn a decent income and not worry about money anymore after a while.



    A key to success as a webcam model – in addition to putting time online – is having a crystal clear video stream. If clients can see you as though you were standing next to them, that in itself, entices them to want to see more and potentially fatten your wallet.



    This is really encouraging! I thought for sure those ads were just flashing big figures to get clicks, but I’ve got a great work ethic and a perfect stream, so I’m setting myself a new weekly goal…



    I’ve been wondering about realistic income, too. I’m just now trying to get into webcam modeling, although I’ve been interested in it for years! It’s good to know that I could really make some decent money doing this!

    WMFadmin – How can I ensure that my video stream is as clear as possible?



    i work 40 hours a week on cam, and generally take home between 700-1000 a week. the site i work for pays weekly instead of bi-weekly. i also lose a piece of my check to the studio i work for as a studio fee (which i could easily get rid of by working from home). But yeah, if you can stay online and have yourself a good setup (tv monitor, well lit room, HD webcam, etc) then you can totally make yourself some decent money. two grand seems kinda steep but i really only know what I’ve learned at the studio, and from the other girls here. good luck! it’s a great job to have if you’re nice and not too shy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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