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    I’m pretty open minded (well, one has to be to be in this business) but I’m curious as to whether lesbian models are acting the whole time or if sometimes things get a bit more serious. Have you ever started to have feelings towards your work partners ?



    I think that yes it can. I personally have always worked with friends so there was always a chemistry already there. None of the ladies I have worked with were strictly lesbians they were just bi-sexual like me. 🙂



    If you aren’t naturally homosexual, performing with another woman alone will never make you become homosexual. You might have racy feelings about a female friend, but that doesn’t mean you’re gay. Like superfreak said many of us are actually bi :]



    Well, I’m definitely straight then. I have worked with other ladies as well but everything was strictly professional. I’m fond of them as colleagues, not as women.



    While I consider myself straight, I am fond of a nice young lady I work with, I always prefer to work with her instead of others.



    I definitely think that acting can lead to something more serious, because when you’re modeling with someone, you’re spending time with them and getting to know them. Sometimes the relationship develops into more than just simple co-workers. But, on the flip side, you may get to know them better as you spend more time with them and discover that you like them less than when you first met them!



    I work full time with the woman who is my girlfriend off camera too, and we met through the job, so yes things can get serious! I’ve never been out with a woman I have worked with before, and now we work exclusively together there’s no chance of being tempted by anyone else.



    I love my girlfriend and am able to work with other women as well, without having strong feelings about them. I think of my girlfriend all the time and especially while I work so this isn’t an issue for me right now.



    Most of the people that I know who are webcam models in a relationship started dating after working together. I have only worked with girlfriends that I already had, but I could see how it could happen.



    You definitely could develop feelings for someone that you are in a working relationship with. I am married, but openly bi-sexual so it has never been a big deal to my husband or ladies I have worked with.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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