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    Hi guys,

    I have been considering teaching piano as a career (at least later on in life when I can’t make us much money from this) but have heard that is very hard to do. I wondered if it was specifically referring to teaching at a school board or something where people could find out and let you go. If you’re just teaching private lessons I would think the least that could happen is a parent of a child (probably) finding out and taking their kid someplace else. Of course word of mouth spreads and that might not be great, but does anyone know if this would be possible? Or is that “you can’t be a teacher and a webcam model” thing mostly relating to schoolteachers?



    First of all, there is nothing illegal about being a webcam model. However, some school boards do have a morals clause and webcam modeling may violate it. If you are just talking about teaching private lessons I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Worst case scenario someone takes their kid to another teacher.



    There’s no reason why a piano teacher couldn’t be a webcam model, or in your case, vice-versa. Like Gigi pointed out though, some schools – especially private schools – have a morals clause that webcam modeling (or any other sexually explicit conduct) would violate. However, if you just want to teach lessons privately, there’s nothing stopping you. 😉



    I see no harm in working 2 jobs 🙂 One will bring in the big bucks, the other will be like a hobby. It actually sounds like a great idea, if you’re willing to put in the effort for both jobs you should do so.



    Something that you might consider is blocking people from seeing you that are in your state. Many of the webcam sites have a feature that will allow you to choose the location of people who can see you.

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