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    Ladies, have any of you tried air-brush makeup? I keep hearing that’s what the actresses on TV and in movies wear, and I really need higher quality makeup than what I’m wearing now. If no one has tried air-brush makeup, what do you use instead?



    I’ve never tried air-brush makeup, but I can make some other recommendations. First off, I would suggest you start with a primer, and I use a brand called POREfection. Next, for under-eye concealer, I would recommend Eve Pearl Salmon. (To hide pimples and blemishes, I would suggest a MAC concealer.) As far as foundation is concerned, my favorite is Revlon, in a matte finish.

    Hope these help!



    Erikka made a really good suggestion where under-eye concealer is concerned, because Eve Pearl makes excellent makeup! Eve Pearl is probably the only makeup manufacturer that I have ever seen selling two different shades of foundation together so that you won’t get stuck with makeup that’s too dark and has to be blended down your neck, or makeup that’s too light and appears chalky over the cheeks. I love Eve Pearl makeup, but be warned – it’s pricey!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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