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by CreamyHoney
07/24/2015 18:26 PM
Forum: Tips and Secrets for New Webcam Models
Topic: How to squirt.
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Re: How to squirt.

Some girls really do squirt just an fyi. I do so I thought I would let you know :-)
by CreamyHoney
07/24/2015 18:16 PM
Forum: Ins and Outs of Webcam Modeling
Topic: Min Rate
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Min Rate

Just wondering... What your min rates are??? I am not sure what mine should be..
by CreamyHoney
09/30/2014 00:54 AM
Forum: Female Webcam Models Forum
Topic: My Free Implants
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Re: My Free Implants

I signed up for that site.... Don't waste your time. the guys you petition for money want web cam chats and pics. you make more on here doing that. Save up for your implants. That's what I'm doing.
by CreamyHoney
09/30/2014 00:41 AM
Forum: Cam Models Chat
Topic: Hours per week?
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Hours per week?

How many hours per week do you girls work? I am trying to figure out how many I should work to up my profits.